17 Oct 2012

Greens' in-work tax credit bill doomed to fail

12:35 pm on 17 October 2012

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei is pushing for beneficiaries to get the in-work tax credit but her member's bill is doomed to fail when it is debated in Parliament on Wednesday.

Labour, the Maori Party, Mana and New Zealand First will all vote for the bill, but ACT leader John Banks and United Future leader Peter Dunne will join National to vote against it.

Under Ms Turei's proposal, beneficiary families would get the same tax credit made available to lower income working families.

The Greens argue that is a simple way of reducing child poverty but the Government says it would cost too much.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters' member's bill to make the Reserve Bank take more account of the exchange rate will also be debated. That too, is expected to fail at its first hurdle.