29 Oct 2012

Palmer calls for major ACC change

8:40 pm on 29 October 2012

Former prime minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer says the Accident Compensation Corporation needs to be incorporated into a government department to be made more accountable.

The comments were made at a conference in Wellington held by the ACC Futures Coalition on Monday.

Sir Geoffrey says ACC as a Crown entity is not as accountable for its actions as it would be if it was part of a state department.

He says controversies that have beset the corporation recently were due to poor decision-making and slack administration.

Sir Geoffrey says ACC has been treated like an insurance scheme where profit is a priority - but that was not its original intent.

Privatising ACC would be another step in the wrong direction, he believes.

The Minister responsible for ACC, Judith Collins, says the Government's priorities for ACC are for it to deliver the highest standards of best practice and service for clients. It also is working to rebuild the public's trust and confidence.

Ms Collins says there are no plans to change the structure of ACC.