15 Nov 2012

Peters claims Sky City and Immigration have deal

10:22 pm on 15 November 2012

The New Zealand First leader has claimed Sky City Casino already has a special deal with the Immigration Service to fast-track its high-worth customers in a deal similar to that reached with China Southern Airlines.

Winston Peters asked Immigration Minister Nathan Guy in Parliament whether Sky City had been pushing for this special deal for years.

"That their high rollers already offered under these new rules, which means that a casino and a Communist government airline have under his deal with them now acquired privileges for their customers not available to any other group of people anywhere else in the world."

Mr Guy said he did not agree with what he called Mr Peters' stupid assertions.

He repeated his assurances that the deal with China Southern Airlines would not compromise the integrity of the immigration system.

Frequent flyers on China Southern Airlines won't have to produce evidence of having enough money to support themselves in New Zealand but will still need to get visas, and pass health and good character checks.

Mr Guy said earlier the airline deal hadn't been rolled out yet.