5 Feb 2013

Iwi group calls for written constitution

1:04 pm on 5 February 2013

The chair of a constitutional review initiated by the Iwi Leaders Group says more than 100 hui have been held and it is clear that people are unhappy with current arrangements.

As part of the Maori Party's deal with the Government, a working party is exploring the constitutional role of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Along with the official inquiry, the Iwi Leaders Group has initiated its own review. Chairperson Margaret Mutu says things clearly have to change.

"There is no constitutional security for Maori. We're unable to make decisions of our own - they're always imposed upon us.

"You need a written constitution, you don't have one. And that's why our instructions are to draw up a model of a constitution based on tikanga (custom), the 1835 declaration and Te Tiriti o Waitangi."