26 Feb 2013

Party pills legislation tabled in Parliament

9:00 pm on 26 February 2013

Legislation has been introduced to Parliament on Tuesday setting out new rules for the sale of party pills and other so-called legal highs.

If passed, the Psychoactive Substances Bill will mean party-pill manufacturers and suppliers will have to prove that their products are safe before they can be sold.

The changes were announced in October last year.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne says the current situation with legal highs is untenable as the laws are ineffective.

Mr Dunne says products are being sold without any controls over their ingredients and without testing requirements or controls over where they can be sold.

The United First leader says his bill is about moving away from constantly playing catch-up with the industry on each new product produced and reversing the onus of proof.

Mr Dunne says the industry has had plenty of warning about the new regime.