3 Jul 2013

Working with Mana wouldn't be easy - Flavell

8:43 am on 3 July 2013

The man who wants to be the next co-leader of the Maori Party suggests he would struggle to work with the Mana movement.

Te Ururoa Flavell's hopes of jointly heading the Maori Party are back on track after Pita Sharples announced he's quitting.

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira is keen to forge some form partnership for the benefit of all Maori voters.

But Mr Flavell has indicated he would find it hard work with his old caucus colleague. He said he would be a hypocrite if he said it would be easy to work with Mr Harawira.

The issues of leadership and whether to work with Mana will be dealt with at the party's annual meeting later this month.


Mana Party leader Hone Harawira says the reason the Maori Party is losing support is because of its close relationship with the National Party.

Mr Harawira told Morning Report that Dr Sharples is not the problem and he would be willing to work with the Maori Party, but not while it is supporting National.

But Mr Flavell says there are benefits to Maori of being part of Government, and in opposition, parties get none of their policies implemented.