10 Jul 2013

SkyCity bill to get conscience vote

9:09 pm on 10 July 2013

A conscience vote on a bill to get a new convention centre built in Auckland is not expected to affect its outcome.

SkyCity is to build the $402 million centre and in return the Government will extend SkyCity's Auckland casino licence and allow an increase in its gaming operations.

An artist's impression of the convention centre.

An artist's impression of the convention centre. Photo: SUPPLIED

Speaker David Carter said on Wednesday the Greens have pointed out that, because the legislation deals with gaming and gambling, such issues traditionally get a conscience vote.

Mr Carter said initially it will only be the first reading for which MPs will get to vote according to their conscience.

He says he wants to see if the votes indicate that MPs are sticking to party positions, which would indicate the vote wasn't being treated as a conscience one.

Greens' co-leader Metiria Turei said the conscience vote is a victory, but acknowledges that National will whip its MPs into voting in favour.

The Government's bill is set to pass with a one-vote margin with the help of independent MP Peter Dunne who will vote for it.