20 Jul 2008

Peters wants to stop ethnic and racial crime in Auckland

9:27 pm on 20 July 2008

The New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters, says the party wants to act to stop racial and ethnic crime in Auckland.

In his leader's address at the party's annual conference in Auckland on Sunday, Mr Peters said long term solutions are needed to address the root causes of crime.

He says people who come to New Zealand must be supported to ensure the country's values and basic laws are understood.

Mr Peters also said the party will launch a New Zealand Fund, to promote investment in local companies, after the election.

He says New Zealand First wants to put an investment programme in place to reduce foreign ownership of this country.

Mr Peters says it is much more sensible to put funds into rebuilding the nation's future, than the billions of dollars that have disappeared into failed finance companies, and shonky property deals.

He left the conference refusing to answer further questions about a $100,000 donation the businessman, Owen Glenn, made towards his legal costs in 2006.

Earlier Mr Peters said he had not misled the public over the donation.

He had repeatedly denied reports in the New Zealand Herald that the Monaco-based businessman gave money to the political party.

However, on Friday night Mr Peters said he had only just been made aware of the $100,000 donation, which was made through his lawyer Brian Henry.

At the conference on Saturday, Mr Peters said the donation was not illegal and was not made to New Zealand First.

He repeated his calls for the New Zealand Herald to apologise for their claims.