23 Aug 2008

ACT says union's suspension of candidate an over-reaction

6:19 am on 23 August 2008

The ACT Party has accused the Engineering, Printing & Manufacturing Union of over-reacting for suspending a worker who is standing as an ACT candidate in the election.

Shawn Tan is an negotiator for the EPMU: earlier this week he was announced as number 10 on ACT's party list.

Party leader Rodney Hide says Mr Tan is aggrieved about being suspended because he had not tried to push his beliefs through the union.

The EPMU says he was suspended because he did not asked permission to run as a political candidate.

National secretary Andrew Little says Mr Tan knew he had to apply for permission.

Mr Little also says that if Mr Tan had sought permission, the union would have to consider that ACT's policies are contrary to the interests of the union's members.