28 Apr 2009

Road safety spending seen as a waste of money

5:52 pm on 28 April 2009

A road safety campaigner says most of the money spent by the Government on road safety is a waste and a look is needed at other ways to lower the road toll.

Fourteen people died on the roads between Friday and Sunday.

Clive Matthew-Wilson, editor of the Dog & Lemon Guide for car buyers, believes a focus on changing driver behaviour is never going to work for the type of drivers who cause most accidents.

He says the money would be better spent improving roads by installing barriers in the centre of the roads, or converting cars so their headlights are on at all times.

However, the Ministry of Transport says education campaigns to improve driving behaviour, combined with enforcement, do have a positive effect.

The Automobile Association supports improving roads but believes there's a role for driver education as well.