10 May 2009

ACT launches Mt Albert campaign

7:07 am on 10 May 2009

The ACT Party has officially launched its campaign for the Mt Albert by-election.

Party leader Rodney Hide and former leader Richard Prebble opened the campaign at the Gladstone Primary School in front of about 20 people.

ACT's candidate, list MP John Boscawen, says despite Labour's massive majority in the electorate, ACT is taking the by-election seriously.

John Boscawen says the party's campaign will focus on wasteful government spending and the controversial Waterview tunnel which would go through the electorate.

The by-election will be held on 13 June for the seat left vacant by the resignation of former prime minister Helen Clark.

At the 2008 election, ACT was fourth, with candidate Kathleen McCabe picking up 1,392 votes. Miss Clark won with 20,157 votes (59.3%) with National second and the Greens third.