4 Jul 2009

Criminal complaint against former MP withdrawn

4:08 pm on 4 July 2009

Police have confirmed that a criminal complaint against former MP Richard Worth has been formally withdrawn.

TV3 reported on Thursday night that a Korean woman at the centre of the case was withdrawing her complaint, which was of a sexual nature.

The network reported she had been told by police there was not enough evidence to take a case against Dr Worth.

However, police say at no time did they suggest to the woman she should withdraw the complaint. They say they will now assess all information before making final decisions.

But, given the nature of the allegations, it now seems inevitable that the matter will go no further.

Dr Worth's lawyer Paul Dacre says confirmation that a criminal complaint against his client has been withdrawn is a "positive development". He says Dr Worth will be making no further comment at this stage.

Dr Worth resigned as a minister in June, before quitting as an MP altogether.

The Prime Minister's office says John Key has no comment and he has made it clear he has no intention of revisiting the issue.