29 Jul 2009

ACT urges radical rethink of superannuation

6:44 am on 29 July 2009

The ACT Party is calling for a radical rethink of superannuation policy, but it is the only parliamentary party pushing for change.

Last week Retirement Commissioner Diana Crossan said decisions need to be made sooner rather than later on whether the eligibility age needs to be raised and the level of payments lowered.

Neither National nor Labour is prepared to consider any changes to the taxpayer-funded pension, despite its cost being projected to rise substantially over the next 20 to 30 years.

ACT MP Sir Roger Douglas says the issue cannot be ignored and over time the taxpayer-funded pension should be phased out and people should save for themselves.

He says if changes aren't made, the age of eligibility for the state pension will inevitably have to rise from 65 to 70 or even 72.

All the other minor parties in Parliament disagree, saying there is no need to raise the age of eligibility.