20 Oct 2009

Maori Party advised to go for all Maori seats

6:41 am on 20 October 2009

Former Alliance president Matt McCarten says the Maori Party needs to focus on winning all seven Maori seats rather than make a play for the party vote.

Waatea News reports the party came out of its annual hui last weekend with its leadership intact, with co-leader Tariana Turia confirming she will see another term and founding president Whatarangi Winiata staying on with no sign of a suitable successor.

Professor Winiata outlined an eight year plan to get the party vote up to the Maori share of the population, which would give it 18 seats.

But Mr McCarten told Waatea News he has some doubts and said the party is struggling organisationally to put the strategy into place in the seats.

He also questioned whether Professor Winiata is the right person to drive the organisational effort the party needs for the next election.