21 Oct 2009

Minister charging to speak on portfolio a rort - Labour

7:19 pm on 21 October 2009

The Labour Party says it is a rort for a minister to be charging stakeholders to hear him speak.

The Christchurch branch of the ACT Party sent out invitations to a breakfast meeting to be hosted by Local Government Minister Rodney Hide, who is also the leader of ACT.

The invitation, costing $45 per head, listed Mr Hide as a minister and was sent to ACT Party members and members of local government, including Environment Canterbury.

Labour Party leader Phil Goff says it is an outrage.

"People have a right to access their minister. I've never heard of any minister charging to have him or her speak on the area that they're given responsibility for.

"That should be a right of any stakeholder in New Zealand to have access to the minister to ask questions."

Prime Minister John Key agrees that people should not be charged to hear a minister speak about their portfolio.

Mr Hide says he understands why the invite may clash with Cabinet rules and the matter is being investigated so it does not happen again.

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