19 Mar 2010

Tax changes to benefit NZ companies proposed

7:16 pm on 19 March 2010

The Government is looking at ways of making it more attractive for companies to remain in New Zealand.

On Friday, Revenue Minister Peter Dunne announced a new round of consultation on reforming New Zealand's international tax rules.

Mr Dunne released a consultation paper that continues, he says, a reform process begun last year, aimed at removing tax obstacles to companies' international competitiveness.

He says the changes are intended to encourage New Zealand businesses to expand overseas, while maintaining a base in this country.

Under the old rules, companies were taxed on both their New Zealand and their international income. Under the new rules, if the income is actively earned overseas, then tax would be paid in that juridisdiction and companies would not be taxed again domestically.

Last year, the Government changed the rules so that New Zealand firms with offshore operations did not pay tax in this country on profits earned overseas.

The public has until the end of April to make submissions on the latest proposals.