11 May 2010

Bolger believes Tories may lose support if deal struck

7:10 pm on 11 May 2010

A former New Zealand prime minister warns Britain's Conservative Party could lose some support if it stitches together a coalition deal with the Liberal Democrats.

However, Jim Bolger says it has no other choice and concessions have to be made.

The Liberal Democrat Party is negotiating with both the Conservatives and Labour after the Tories won most seats in the British general election last week, but failed to gain a majority.

Mr Bolger's National Party found itself in a similar situation in 1996 after New Zealand's first MMP election.

Following weeks of negotiations, Mr Bolger was finally able to form a coalition Government after making concessions to New Zealand First, led by Winston Peters.

Mr Bolger says it is inevitable the Tories will also have to make concessions to form a government and that is likely to lose the party some support.