19 Jun 2010

MP expects SIS to reopen his file after he leaves

7:47 am on 19 June 2010

Green Party MP Keith Locke believes the Security Intelligence Service will reopen its file on him when he finishes his political career.

The Prime Minister ordered a review of SIS files last year, after Mr Locke found that he had been monitored by the SIS until 2006.

SIS Director Warren Tucker says about 10 files on MPs have been closed and discussions are now underway on what would trigger new investigations.

Mr Locke says hopefully the SIS is now concentrating more on real crime such as sabotage and not on dissent, but he is yet to be convinced of that.

He says the fact the was spied on until 2006 does make people like him worried.

Mr Locke says the SIS has more than 6000 files on people, most of whom, he says, were spied on for no good reason.