2 Jul 2010

Sweeping changes to MPs' allowances proposed

5:42 pm on 2 July 2010

A review of parliamentary spending has recommended sweeping changes to MPs' allowances to remove the perception that they are making personal gains at public expense.

The review also recommends that an independent body be made responsible for the allowances, rather than allowing MPs to determine their own perks.

Parliamentary funding is reviewed every three years and the latest review comes in the wake of controversy over MPs' entitlements, particularly the use of subsidised international travel.

The review - by a former Speaker, Sir Doug Kidd, and an economist, Philip Barry - says the subsidy should be scrapped.

As well, it says, new MPs entering Parliament after the next election should not be able to claim public funding for premises owned by them or an interested party. Sitting MPs could, however, continue to do so.