5 Jul 2010

Youth council proposed by Sharples

4:53 pm on 5 July 2010

Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples is setting up a youth council so policymakers can hear directly from rangatahi.

Dr Sharples says he's concerned the views of under-25-year-olds, who make up a large proportion of the Maori population, are not being heard.

He's called for nominations for a 15-member council to reflect the views of young Maori. He told Waatea News:

"We've been guided by iwi leaders, by urban needs and national government policy, but at the end of the day we've got to be working for the future and I think it's time to be guided by the youth."

Irrespective of their political allegiance, Dr Sharples says, all Maori MPs will value feedback from such a council.