24 Jul 2010

Draft energy policy riddled with holes, says WWF

12:37 pm on 24 July 2010

Conservation group WWF says the Government's draft energy policy is riddled with holes.

The draft policy, and an energy efficiency policy, have been released for public consultation.

If adopted, the policies will replace the 2007 energy policies drawn up by the previous Labour-led government.

They reaffirm the Government's target of renewable sources such as hydro-electricity, wind and tidal power supplying 90% of the country's energy supply.

WWF climate change campaigner Pete Hardstaff says the Government has a petroleum action plan to support the expansion of the petroleum sector but has no comparable renewable energy plan.

The Wind Energy Association welcomes the Government's 90% percent renewables policy and is confident it can be achieved.

The Minister of Energy and Resources, Gerry Brownlee, says he won't comment during the consulation period because he wants to hear what other people think.