16 Sep 2010

Former MP says deep divisions shown in ACT

5:13 pm on 16 September 2010

Former ACT Party MP Deborah Coddington says damaging leaks about the past of ACT's law and order spokesperson, David Garrett, could be a distraction for the Government.

Mr Garrett revealed in Parliament on Wednesday that he obtained a false passport in the name of a dead child in 1984. He was discharged without conviction in 2005.

The admission follows a disclosure earlier this week that Mr Garrett was convicted of assault eight years ago in Tonga.

Ms Coddington told Morning Report that the timing of the disclosures, while Mr Hide is overseas, suggests someone within the party is trying to destabilise it.

She said ACT is still deeply divided following a fall-out between party leader Rodney Hide and former deputy Heather Roy.

Ms Coddington said the lack of unity is bad for ACT and bad for the Government, which is having to endure an ongoing side-show.

She was not sure this was the end of the disclosures surrounding ACT.