17 Feb 2011

PM says no Govt action warranted over Auckland Council

6:26 am on 17 February 2011

The Prime Minister says he sees no need for central government to intervene over the funding and powers of Auckland's Independent Maori Statutory Board.

The board wants the High Court to clarify its funding and powers after its budget was significantly pared back by the Auckland Council.

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide says the council itself has created the dilemma.

Prime Minister John Key agrees and says things are not at a point where the Government would consider taking action by amending the super city law.

He says the legislation clearly gives authority to the Auckland Council and it is within the council's power to determine how much or how little is spent on the board.

Mr Hide says even if his ACT Party wanted to change the law to clearly spell out the role and funding of the board, it would probably struggle to get support from other parties.