5 Apr 2011

Greens release draft party list for election

8:51 am on 5 April 2011

The Green Party has released its draft party list for the election on 26 November with the two co-leaders taking the top spots.

The draft will be circulated among party members before a final list is confirmed.

At present, co-leaders Meteria Turei and Russel Norman are ranked first and second, respectively.

MPs Kevin Hague, Catherine Delahunty, Kennedy Graham and Gareth Hughes are next on the list.

The remaining sitting MP who is standing again in the election, David Clendon, is ranked No 9 behind two candidates from outside Parliament - Eugenie Sage and Jan Logie.

Dr Norman says that is because the party wants a gender balance of five women and five men in the top 10.

MPs Sue Kedgley and Keith Locke are retiring at the election.

Party won't rule out supporting National

The Green Party has left open the possibility of supporting a National-led government in the future.

The Greens' draft remit issued on Monday expresses preference for supporting the Labour Party with a confidence and supply agreement after the election.

It says the party could work with a National-led government but, based on current National Party policy, it is unlikely it could support one on confidence and supply.

Co-leader Russel Norman says while supporting National is extremely unlikely, the option is there to think about.

Prime Minister John Key says National has worked well with the Green Party in this term of Government, but does not think there will be a formal arrangement between the parties after the election.

He says his reading of the party's statement is that if the balance of power after the election was held by the Greens, a Labour-led government would be formed.

"I think what they are saying is if that's not the position then they could countenance a view where they might work in some form with National," he says.

Green Party draft list

1. Meteria Turei

2. Russel Norman

3. Kevin Hague

4. Catherine Delahunty

5. Kennedy Graham

6. Gareth Hughes

7. Eugenie Sage

8. Jan Logie

9. David Clendon

10. Holly Walker