4 May 2011

Hide plans to win back Brash's confidence

7:23 pm on 4 May 2011

Former ACT leader Rodney Hide is planning to win back the confidence of party's new leader Don Brash.

Dr Brash says there is no place for Mr Hide in a future ACT caucus but the MP hopes the man who rolled him as leader might change his mind.

Mr Hide's hopes of continuing his parliamentary career beyond this year appear to wax and wane, Radio New Zealand's political editor reports.

At lunchtime on Wednesday, the MP for Epsom appeared to accept that his career was over, given that Dr Brash says Mr Hide's political brand is toxic.

But an hour or so later, Mr Hide was optimistic he might be able to change Dr Brash's mind.

He says he is focusing on his ministerial responsibilities and on ensuring a smooth transition in the leadership.

Mr Hide indicated if he could win back the confidence of Dr Brash, he might stand again - at least as a candidate on ACT's party list.

Leadership transition 'less than ideal'

ACT's parliamentary leader John Boscawen says the way Don Brash took over as party leader was less than ideal.

Mr Boscawen was confirmed as deputy on Tuesday, meaning he will lead the party within Parliament, as Dr Brash is not an MP.

In spite of the way the leadership change was handled, Mr Boscawen says he believes Dr Brash will make a major contribution to lifting ACT's party vote.

Asked if the conflict within ACT is now at an end, Mr Boscawen replied that he hoped so.

Dr Brash says he has had indications from new sources of funds, as well as the party's usual backers, that he will get good funding for the election campaign.

Work to confirm funding will be done over the next few months, he says.