6 Jun 2011

Greens tipped to become stronger party

4:11 pm on 6 June 2011

The leader of the Australian Green Party has told the New Zealand Greens they will continue to grow in strength.

Senator Bob Brown addressed the Green Party's annual meeting in Auckland which ended on Monday.

The Australian Green Party won more than 10% of the vote in last year's federal elections - a target the New Zealand party is aiming for at the election on 26 November.

Senator Brown says the Green movement is a growing force around the world and its message is becoming more persuasive.

He says voters' concern about a safe future for their children and grandchildren - which is what a green future would guarantee - cannot be under-estimated.

New Zealand Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei says it is always going to be a struggle to keep lifting the party's vote, but its members are determined to break the 10% mark at the election and she is confident that will happen.