7 Jul 2011

Parliament passes law to beef up fines enforcement

5:45 pm on 7 July 2011

Parliament has passed legislation that will beef up the enforcement of fines and reparations.

The omnibus bill amended 20 laws and will allow a range of agencies to apply pressure on those who owe fines to the Crown or reparation to someone.

A person who owes a fine or reparation may get their driver's licence suspended.

The Ministry of Justice will be able to pass details of fines to the credit industry which could affect a person's credit rating.

Courts will get priority over secured creditors to collect overdue fines and reparation when seized goods are sold.

Meanwhile, the courts - in certain circumstances - will be able to re-sentence a person who has not complied with their obligations, with tougher sentences applicable to the original offence.

Only the Green Party and independent MP Chris Carter opposed the legislation.