20 Jul 2011

Senior Labour MP seeking nomination for Epsom seat

9:41 pm on 20 July 2011

A senior Labour MP is throwing his hat in the ring to stand in Epsom at this year's general election.

David Parker, who is fourth on the list, says he's nominated himself for selection in the seat because of an apparent deal struck between the National and ACT parties.

ACT leader Don Brash says the Prime Minister has made it clear to him that National would not fight hard for the Epsom seat, and would campaign primarily for the party vote.

Mr Parker says Epsom will be one of the major battle grounds come November.

He says if ACT gets in, then it would give National an alibi for an extreme right-wing agenda and he wants to fight that.

Mr Parker says he caused an upset in the 2002 general election, winning what was seen as a then safe National seat in Otago.