4 Aug 2011

ACT MP determined to get student bill adopted

10:53 am on 4 August 2011

ACT MP Heather Roy says that if she can't get her members' bill for optional student union membership through Parliament before the election she will seek to have it adopted as Government legislation.

The Education Freedom of Association Amendment Bill has been subject to months of filibustering, and debate was further delayed by the opposition on Wednesday evening.

Ms Roy evoked a standing order to break the deadlock but the Labour opposition managed to draw out the debate long enough to keep it in its committee stages.

That means the bill may not get through because, urgency aside, there are only three days left on which members' bills can be considered before the House rises for the election.

Ms Roy says if it continues to be held up she will ask the Government to adopt the legislation, something she says that is commonly done.