10 Aug 2011

Differences over scope of inquiry into milk price

3:22 pm on 10 August 2011

The Government and the Opposition look set to disagree on the scope of a Parliamentary inquiry into the price of milk.

The Commerce Select Committee will meet on Thursday to sign-off on the inquiry.

While Labour wants broad terms of reference, National is indicating it wants a more narrow focus.

Committee chair Lianne Dalziel wants the inquiry to cover the cost of milk from the farm gate through to the retailer.

The Labour MP says it is important for people to have confidence that prices are fair, and the inquiry can bring all the facts out into the open.

But Prime Minister John Key has indicated he wants a more narrow inquiry.

Government officials are already looking at raw milk pricing.

Mr Key says he has a high degree of confidence in that work and there is concern the committee should not cut across the work of other agencies.