30 Aug 2011

Goff dismisses leadership speculation

8:41 pm on 30 August 2011

Phil Goff says he will lead the Labour Party into the election and anyone suggesting otherwise is flogging a dead horse.

Mr Goff is facing renewed speculation about his position, following recent poor polls and reports that a meeting of Labour's front bench discussed the leadership.

Mr Goff on Tuesday dismissed the reports as wrong. He said caucus meetings are confidential and is batting away questions about possible leaks from within the Labour team.

Mr Goff said people are not focused on the issues yet, but believes once the election campaign begins the party's policies will be attractive to voters.

"Of course we're the underdog but sometimes it's good to come up from the back of the race and to take the lead."

Mr Goff said all members of Labour's front bench need to go out and sell the party's policies.