21 Sep 2011

Minto launches campaign vowing 'fight on the issues'

6:50 pm on 21 September 2011

Mana Party candidate John Minto has launched his campaign for the Manukau East seat by telling voters that, if they elect him, their concerns will be brought to the heart of political debate in New Zealand.

Mr Minto officially launched his campaign for the Auckland seat - held by Labour's Ross Robertson with a large majority - on Wednesday.

The veteran activist says the Manukau East electorate has high unemployment, poverty, poor health and educational under-achievement - all issues he believes other parties aren't addressing.

Mr Minto says that needs to change. Mana's policies for doing that, he says, include raising the minimum wage and abolishing GST; full employment is also a main priority of the party's economic policy.

"What I'm saying to the people here," Mr Minto says, "is that if they vote for me they'll get a very high-profile representation in Parliament, they'll get somebody who's prepared to fight on the issues."

He says he's well-known for fighting on the issues and, if he's elected, the concerns of people in Manukau East "will be brought to the heart of political debate in New Zealand".