28 Sep 2011

MPs criticise surveillance bill during debate

5:58 am on 28 September 2011

MPs from all sides of the House attacked the Government's police surveillance bill during its first parliamentary debate.

Parliament passed the first stage of the Video Camera Surveillance (Temporary Measures) Bill on Tuesday though the Government still lacks the numbers to pass it into law.

The Labour and ACT parties supported the bill for the initial debate, but have yet to commit their votes any further.

ACT MP Rodney Hide said the Government's actions are like those of a banana republic.

The Maori Party is critical of the fact the legislation is retrospective and that it makes unlawful actions of the police lawful.

The Greens say it is one of the worst pieces of legislation to come before Parliament.

The Labour Party acknowledges there is an issue to be resolved but continues to wrangle with the Government over the wording of the bill.

The legislation will now be sent to Parliament's justice and electoral select committee for consideration. Hearings are due to start on Wednesday morning.