13 Oct 2011

Justice minister introduces four bills to Parliament

4:45 pm on 13 October 2011

Justice Minister Simon Power has wrapped up his busy legislative programme, introducing four new bills to Parliament on Thursday.

Mr Power is retiring from politics at the November election to work in the private sector, having introduced 46 pieces of legislation to the House in the past three years.

The bills include one that will re-direct all compensation awarded to prisoners to victims of crime.

Also, the Human Rights Commission is to have full-time commissioners - including a dedicated Disability Rights Commissioner at the Human Rights Commission.

Another bill tightens the rules around company directors and registration of companies and gives new powers to the Registrar of Companies to investigate and deal with non-compliance with the Companies Act.

Legislation has been introduced to deter hard-core behaviour by cartels with sanctions of seven years in prison, rather than just fines.