Gully go-ahead applauded

Updated at 8:59 am on 22 November 2012

Confirmation the Transmission Gully highway project north of Wellington will proceed is being applauded by business leaders.

the Government announced on Wednesday that a Public Private Partnership will be sought for the construction of the 27km route.

Under the PPP debt-funding arrangements, by the time the road is completed in 2020, the cost will likely be about $1.3 billion, including interest.

Opponents of the project, such as Save Kapiti and the Rational Transport Society, say it's not worth the long-term burden.

But the Road Transport Forum says not only will the road freight industry benefit from a more efficient route, those benefits will flow through to consumers.

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Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee says tolling is extremely likely, as it will keep costs down. He told Morning Report any toll would be modest.

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