2 Jun 2015

Smith: Progress in Auckland housing plans

7:53 pm on 2 June 2015

Housing Minister Nick Smith says discussions aimed at resolving a disagreement between Auckland Council and the Government are progressing.

Nick Smith at a housing development in Three Kings in Auckland.

Nick Smith believes government initiatives will help address Auckland's housing problems. Photo: RNZ / Kim Baker Wilson

Auckland Council recently said it would not approve certain Special Housing Areas (SHAs) in Auckland because it was not clear who would have to foot the bill for new infrastructure.

Dr Smith said plans for the SHAs were progressing and that he was confident more would be approved in the coming months.

But he said discussions with the Council were ongoing.

"I'm having further chats with the Auckland mayor this week and will be further progressing that as we get the technical people - the infrastructure experts - to get down into the nitty gritty, SHA by SHA, so we can provide solutions," he said.

Dr Smith said he believed the initiatives the Government was taking across the board would help address Auckland's housing challenge.