15 Jul 2015

Older man assaulted in New Brighton

11:03 am on 15 July 2015

Christchurch police are investigating an assault on a 72-year old man in the New Brighton Mall area which has led to part of it being cordoned off.

Senior Sergeant Roy Appley said the man was found injured early this morning and was now in Christchurch Hospital with serious injuries.

He said a cordon had been set up around the scene while a team of police investigated.

The police wanted to hear from anyone who could have information about the incident.

New Brighton residents had posted on social media that the cordon took in the local Subway outlet, Paper Plus and the Two Dollar shop.

One shop owner told Radio New Zealand there were many police officers in the area.

A St John Ambulance spokesman said an ambulance was sent to the area bout 2am.

The man was found on the footpath in a serious condition, near the local Subway, the spokesman said.