6 Aug 2015

Stinking stream cleared after testing

2:49 pm on 6 August 2015

Tests have cleared a Wainui stream stormwater drain after residents noticed a strong odour last week.

Wainui Stream, Kapiti Coast.

Lining on the concrete pipe was blamed for the stench Photo: Kapiti Coast Council

The Kapiti Coast District Council said test results showed there was nothing of concern in the stream.

Upgrades to the stormwater pipe that discharges into Wainui Stream were carried out in the July by Advanced Pipeline Services, a contractor appointed by the Council.

The upgrade work involved lining the concrete pipe in order to strengthen it.

After the upgrade, the Paekakariki community group complained the stream smelt like a glue factory, which the council said was the result of resin being used to line the stormwater pipe.

Results of samples taken from the stream last week showed levels of oil and grease at less than one part per million.

Infrastructure manager Sean Mallon said the council had done extensive testing on the stream.

"There was some odour associated with the lining work and that is disappated to basically nothing today. We also did some gas monitoring in and around the stream outflow itself and up through the catchment and we couldn't actually detect anything coming out of the stormwater grid."

Mr Mallon said warning signs would be removed from the area, although a boom would be left downstream from the stormwater pipe as a precaution.

Wainui Stream,

Photo: Kapiti Coast Council

Earlier, Friends of Paekakariki group founder Florence McNeill said she saw a toxic sludge flowing into the stream from a stormwater pipe last Sunday.

She said there was a heavy amount of an oily substance in the stream and it had continued to build up over the week.