22 Aug 2015

Rat numbers on the rise in Wellington

9:08 pm on 22 August 2015

A sharp increase in rat infestations has seen a Wellington-based pest control company employ more staff to cope with numbers.

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Photo: AFP

There has been an increase in the rodents since summer due to the warm weather in Wellington.

Pest-proof usually employs four people in the field but has hired two more to cope with a 30 percent increase in business this year.

The company's main exterminator, Paul Chapman, said one client had major water problems because of rats .

"The rodents had been chewing on water pipes in the building and causing floods. they had to call the plumbers four times within a week to fix the issue."

Mr Chapman said most rats got into houses through the roof, so people should make sure their trees were trimmed at least a metre back from the flashing.