9 Sep 2015

Farmer who faced off thieves would do it again

8:18 am on 9 September 2015

A Waikato farmer who chased two men who stole his farm-bike and who was then confronted by one of them with a knife said he would do it again.

Arnold Reekers from Ohaupo was woken early on Sunday morning by intruders taking his four wheeler, for the second time in a matter of months.

"I was fuming, so I pursued them and did what I could."

Wearing only thermal underwear and boots, he managed to chase the intruders in his car before coming across them a short distance away after the bike broke down.

Arnold Reekers

Arnold Reekers Photo: Supplied

"I tried to restrain the man and he was still trying to get away so I struck him a few times and then his mate tried to come towards me so I thought I would deal to that guy too and as soon as I approached him, he approached me and presented a weapon, a knife, so I backed off."

Mr Reekers said the men tried to take his car before running off.

He said the men were stupid not to just run off in the first place.

Mr Reekers said he tried to rouse a neighbour so he could call the police but he had no luck, however shortly afterwards police arrived, after his wife called them.

He said it was a pretty cold morning, particularly just wearing underwear and boots.

"At that time there was a lot of adrenaline and you don't really feel the cold because when you get cows in every morning you get used to the cold."

He said regardless of the police saying farmers should not take matters into their own hands, he had no regrets.

"Well, I am sorry, they can say that all they like, but what is the plan B option, just let it keep happening? You know it is a low [dairy] payout and we keep getting hit by droughts every year, what do we do just let them take it everytime and eventually we might as well just call the receivers?"

Mr Reekers said the other option was to fight back.

"Most farmers will take that option because they work hard for what they have got and it is that or just let them rob them until they go broke."

Mr Reekers said farmers in his area were fed up with thefts from their properties.

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