14 Sep 2015

Two die in motel bath tragedy

6:49 pm on 14 September 2015

The Coroner has found a woman drowned in a motel bath when her husband died from a heart attack and pinned her underwater.

It happened just under two years ago when the couple was sharing a bath at Deco City Motel in Napier.

They were found dead by their son, who had taken his parents on holiday.

He discovered his mother immersed in the water underneath his father.

The couple have been named as 78-year-old Yun Kau Ng and his wife, 74-year-old Chiu Ngor Ng.

Coroner CJ Devonport said they were known as Louis and Elaine and were retired market gardeners from Auckland. He noted that both had a history of poor health

The cause of deaths have been recorded as drowning for Mrs Ng and heart attack for Mr Ng.