7 Oct 2015

Boobs on Bikes 'well past use-by date'

7:13 am on 7 October 2015

A vanload of Kaikohe men trying to stop sexual violence in the north will drive to Auckland today to protest at the Boobs on Bikes parade.

Crowds watch Boobs on Bikes' parade of topless women down Queen Street in 2006.

A crowd gathers for Boobs on Bikes on Queen Street in 2006. Photo: AFP

Protest leader Mike Shaw said the annual spectacle was pornography on wheels, and a cheap advertising stunt for the organiser, Steve Crow, and his erotica show.

Mr Shaw said the link between porn and sexual violence was now proven, and the parade was well past its use-by date.

He said such assaults on women and children did not happen in a vacuum, but in a culture where they were objectified and dehumanised.

Mr Shaw said Men against Violence wanted other men to realise that every time they clicked on a porn site they were fuelling demand for sex-trafficking, prostitution and abuse.

He said a recent march against sexual violence in the Far North gave a number of young girls the courage to speak out about the abuse they were suffering.