29 Oct 2015

Man who ran over wife 'self-absorbed' inquest hears

1:19 pm on 29 October 2015

A coroner's inquest has heard details of the volatile relationship between a husband and wife before he fatally ran her over.

A police investigation concluded the death of 59-year-old Denise Robinson-Winskill two years ago on their lifestyle block was an accident.

Ms Robinson-Winskill's daughter from her first marriage told the court Jon Winskill was self-absorbed.

Phoebe MacRae told the court her mother wanted to leave Mr Winskill on a few occasions but always decided to stay and work through their problems.

Ms MacRae said the couple had a significant mortgage and Mr Winskill's spray business was not making any money.

However Ms MacRae said she had no doubt her mother's death was anything but a tragic accident, and believed her mother was behind the truck because she did not know her husband was going to reverse.

Yesterday Mr Winskill told the inquest he had had an affair months before the accident but at the time of his wife's death their marriage was better than ever.

He was questioned by counsel Richard Raymond, who is representing Ms Robinson-Winskill's children from another marriage.

Mr Winskill said the affair was regrettable.

"The woman who I had an affair with blackmailed me, so I paid her $2000 but when she asked for more money I decided to tell my wife," Mr Winskill told the court.

"Denise did not leave me and at the time of the accident our marriage was stronger than ever. I had recently bought her a ring and we were planning a trip to the islands."

Mr Winskell told the inquest he was back on a dating site only two weeks after his wife's death.

On the night of 23 October Mr Winskill had just finished filling up a water tank on the back of his truck, when he got into the cab and reversed over his wife.

Crying in the dock yesterday Mr Winskill said the last time he saw his wife she was walking towards the back of the truck, but when he reversed he was confident she was not there.

Detective Gabrielle Thompson was the first officer to interview Mr Winskill. She said when she first saw Mr Winskill he was distraught.

Detective Thompson said in her witness statement that Mr Winskill was very distressed.

"He told me, 'I just didn't see her, I reversed and felt the bump, I got out and saw her face down, I picked her up, there was blood coming out of her mouth. I felt the bump and thought there is nothing there, so pulled forward - oh God I ran over her twice'."