17 Nov 2011

More containers removed from Rena

9:05 pm on 17 November 2011

Eighteen containers have now been removed from the Rena, which has been grounded off the Tauranga coast since mid-October.


Maritime New Zealand says the salvors made good progress in unloading the containers on Thursday, but warns there will be some days when it will be impossible to remove them.

The salvage efforts to date mean there are now some 400 containers remaining on the Rena's deck and more than 800 others secured in holds below deck.

Kenny Crawford of Maritime New Zealand says every container is different and a risk analysis is being done on each before they are lifted off.

He says one of the deciding factors in container removal will be the weather.

Maritime New Zealand also says there's a possibility the ship will have to be broken up to get access to the containers below deck in the bow of the vessel.

However, a decision on whether or not that will happen has not been made yet.