4 Dec 2011

Bad weather halts container salvage work

7:46 am on 4 December 2011

Bad weather has again temporarily halted the recovery of containers from the cargo ship Rena.

A total of 166 containers have been successfully removed from the ship, with more than 1100 still on board.


Meanwhile, a specialist clean-up company, Braemar Howells, is dealing with damaged cargo from the Rena and a processing site has been set up near Mount Maunganui.

So far 34 containers and 600 tonnes of waste have been processed.

Braemar Howells was also involved in a 2007 operation when the MSC Napoli beached on the British coast carrying nearly twice as many containers as the Rena.

Operations manager Neil Lloyd says the set-up to deal with the Rena cargo is on the same scale as that for the MSC Napoli.