18 Sep 2011

McCully, Brown take the train

6:14 am on 18 September 2011

Rugby World Cup Minister Murray McCully and Auckland Mayor Len Brown both took the train to the Australia-Ireland cup match at Eden Park in Auckland on Saturday night.

By using the city's rail network Mr McCully and Mr Brown chose to show solidarity with those caught up in the transport chaos of Rugby World Cup opening night the previous Friday.

This time, all public transport to Eden Park ran to schedule, without any minor delays or hiccups.

Authorities say many fans took note of what happened last Friday and left themselves plenty of time to get to the game.

An extra 100 buses were also put on.

Australian fans offered apples

The Eden Park Rugby Club made Wallabies fans feel welcome by inviting them to sample some local apples.

Organiser Andrew Liell says it was just a way of poking fun at the Australians over their worries about New Zealand apples being imported into their country.

He says about 300 people gathered at a special quarantine-free zone near Eden Park.

Mr Liell says many of them have accepted it may be the only piece of fruit they will consume during the tournament.