7 Sep 2012

Rural butchers say new law will mean more paperwork

10:20 am on 7 September 2012

Rural butchers are gearing up to spend five or six hours a week doing extra paperwork once the new Food Bill becomes law.

The bill updating the 1981 Food Act was introduced to Parliament two years ago and considered by the Primary Production Select Committee, but is languishing on the order paper.

Rural Butchers' chairman Mike Hansen says it was a major topic for discussion at their conference last weekend in Hamilton.

He says the legislation requires rural butchers, including those who provide a home kill service, to carry out a number of extra checks each day.

Mr Hansen says it will involve recording temperatures each time they cook something or put it in the chiller, as well as having cleanliness inspected at the end of each day.

He says in his butcher's shop it takes half an hour to an hour each day to do all the checks.

"All the ones with Federated Farmers, we've got a good template set up and they've been practising and running through, we've been helping them if there's any problems".

Mr Hansen says those who are not organised will have a sheet of paper turning up in the mail and will have to work it out themselves.