4 Oct 2012

Big increase in demand for seasonal labour

12:45 pm on 4 October 2012

Horticulture New Zealand says there's a big increase in demand for seasonal labour this year.

Seasonal labour national co-ordinator Jerf van Beeksays several industries have increased their demand for workers.

Demand for labour in both the wine and pipfruit industries is one of the biggest increases he's noticed from the previous two years.

But Mr van Beek says it's too early to say whether there will be an oversupply, or not enough workers to fill the demand.

New Zealand Asparagus Council chairman, who also manages Tendertips Asparagus in Horowhenua, says the number of applications he's seen for work this year, is the largest since he started as a grower in the early 1980's.

''We were turning down about six to nine suitable applicants per day, which is much greater than the average season,'' he said.

He said more people are looking for seasonal work to fill the hole.