7 Dec 2012

Children drinking more milk at school and home

12:53 pm on 7 December 2012

Northland children who are taking part in a school milk pilot programme, are drinking significantly more milk.

Fonterra began supplying milk to pupils at more than 100 primary schools in Northland in March this year.

New research by the University of Auckland shows that it's led to children drinking a lot more more milk, not just at school, but at home too.

The research found an increase of 28% in the number of children drinking milk five days per week and an increase in the number of children drinking milk twice per day.

Fonterra social responsibility team leader Carly Robinson said that while the links between healthy bones and teeth and milk are well known; teachers from Northland primary schools taking part are reporting improved concentration levels among their students too.

Fonterra is now evaluating the pilot's results.

When the pilot was launched, Fonterra said it would allow it to test the logistics of rolling out a nation-wide programme which would give all New Zealand primary school children a free serving of milk each day.