22 May 2009

Regulations proposed for unpasteurised milk products

12:48 pm on 22 May 2009

The Food Safety Authority has issued a discussion document on proposed new regulations on the importation, manufacture, sale and export of raw milk products.

A limited number of imported unpasteurised cheeses are sold in New Zealand, but those made here are allowed to contain only milk that's been heated to kill potentially deadly pathogens such as listeria.

Under the new proposals, the FSA says unpasteurised products would be categorised as those that can be produced under existing standards to kill off pathogens, those that meet new rules, and products that do not meet any criteria and cannot be produced.

Standards group assistant director Scott Crerar says the cheeses will be categorised based on how well processors can limit pathogens in the products.

There will also be some labelling requirements for cheeses to show they contain raw milk.

A series of workshops to discuss the proposed changes will be held around the country next month. Submissions are open until early July.